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Monday, May 17, 2010

RUBY TUESDAY - A RED LETTER DAY to PROTEST unfair discrimination ...

against some 300 NYC artist vendors who make a living selling their wares to
the hundreds of tourists who visit Manhattan to see the sights and sounds of
this fascinating city.   And Mayor Bloomberg wants to shrink their numbers to
81.  Here is the story,  according to the The Huffington Post:

And Donna Lee Michas is one of them - a well organized woman, indeed!

    Donna is a Photographer and New York City Street Artist -

Every day she is out there, in her allowed space (3'x8'x5'high) in Union Square Park, with her production of framed fine art objects, come rain or shine.   She keeps track of the weather portending rain because it takes her an hour or so to pack up her wares for transportation on her bike!

 I see these vendors on a daily basis.   There are all kinds and some who could be picked up by any upscale gallery owner with an eye for talent.  Right now the prices are affordable.  Who knows which of them will be tomorrow's Star of the Fine Art World when the prices sky rocket.   But, one doesn't buy art necessarily for investment does one!    It is what YOU LIKE  today that counts.  And there are many other 'collectibles' being sold - old posters, pins and labels that make
great historical kinds of gift items for friends at home.    And contemporary innovations galore!


The coupling >


Preparing to cycle home about 5 miles away to 23rd Street.

                            For more great RUBY TUESDAY insights do visit WorkofthePoet here!

PS  If you want to protest,  please write to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Hall, New York, NY 10007 or PHONE 311 or FAX (212) 312-0700 or email:    (This actually gets you there, too!  And it is  more direct, therefore, more powerful than a comment).


  1. That is a shame. The artist and the entrepreneur are not far apart at all - she ought to have the right to test the market for her wares like any other vendor. She has a body of work and why work against the vendors of all out there. The marketplace needs to be open to all, she has works of art that people do want - do not tear asunder the marketplace of sellers and buyers...a really free market has worked splendidly for so many generations!

  2. Thanks Ralph - I do hope that commenters from all over the world will
    take a moment to email the Mayor of New City! Just click on the http address given at the end of the post and they, too, can put their oar in!

  3. Amazing! I would love to NYC and I would want to see the street vendors. I don't think the numbers should shrink. :0)

  4. So agree! And TFS- we all need to put our collective oar in!

    Great post & great blog. I'll be popping back to have yet another read through!
    Happy RT - and look forward to *seeing* you again next time!
    Mine’s HERE!


  5. Your mayor is just full of these kinds of ideas, n'est pas? Good choice for Ruby Tuesday.

  6. Hmmm. Sometimes I wonder why we humans vote such un-human people into office! I don't think 81 sounds like very many for a city the size of NYC! The mayor can do way better than 81!

  7. That is a pity. Street artists are the life of a city. I tend to always pay a visit to street artists. Their prices are affordable and their art is usually very beautiful.

  8. I'm intrigued by the number 81!!! Very odd! I hope your protest goes well.

  9. I don't see why this government officials elected by the people are not the one who supports people who do their business in the right way? Street artist are one of those vendors who make the city park worth visiting for. That is what makes the place great. Instead of encouraging them and supporting them why shrink? And why the odd number what's with the one? I hope your protest goes very well. I think many New Yorker will support the cause. Happy Tuesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  10. I wrote the Mayor. I told him that I think changing the amoiunt of artist vendors changes nothing and creates a hardsship for the artists.
    Thank you for this post and sharing this information. Good luck to all the artists involved.


  11. Thank you for posting these photos of me and my work, Margaret. But mostly for getting the word out to people all over the world that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to quash FREE Speech in NYC's parks! One correction: He wants only 18 (eighteen), not 81, spaces allocated to street artists in Union Square. Totally absurd. Hundreds of lives will be trashed if he wins. I pray everyone writes and stops him in his tracks. New York has traditionally been the beacon of the arts to the world. And America is supposed to be the land of the FREE. We need to keep it that way! Kisses to all of you who are helping us members of A.R.T.I.S.T. [artists' response to illegal state tactics]!

  12. I will e-mail little Bloomie
    I wonder if he'll recognize me from all the e-mails I sent when he butchered Times Square by turning it into an ugly astro turf seating area

    I'm not a fan of the little emperor

    I wish all the artists good luck!!

    great photos, thanks for bringing the issue up

  13. Long live street art!


  14. Wonderful post. This is one of the things I miss about New York. I hope Bloomberg loses this one. Thanks for the link. I'll go add my voice to protest.

  15. What a shame, you should come to your senses Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg!

  16. Beautiful and creative. What a shame if they do not get to continue here.



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