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Sunday, October 11, 2009

BREASTING THE WAVES - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Size:  22"x 26"
Paper:  recycled 99% acid free pulped Dutch Etching paper combining discarded printed images
Date:  1982

Anticipating Breast Cancer Month, back in 1982.  When my MD discovered a lump, both my doctor and my surgeon outlined a new choice of treatment then available to women.  It would be a 50% chance of surviving whether I chose the older way of mastectomy, or a new way - lumpectomy (not so new in Europe).  I chose to have a lumpectomy followed by 7 weeks of radiation therapy.  Not without first, of course, doing a great deal of research on the matter.  The treatments in those days were horrible.  That was 27 years ago.  This year a tiny nodule was found via a routine digital mamography - it was promptly taken care of on an outpatient hospital basis.  There have been huge improvements between then in 1982, and now, both in treatment and respect for the patient.    This annual Breast Cancer recognition month is important, not only for raising funds but also for reminding those who haven't begun to make it a part of  their annual check-up.  You are reminded!    I was astonished to learn that, in the UK, mamography was encouraged ONLY every 2 years by the Health Service.  Much can happen in two years.  Early detection bolsters HOPE, as well as time to find the best protocols for treatment.

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  1. Excellent information and a very important reminder for all women. Thank you for sharing your story.



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